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From Summer to School. A Family Guide to Stress-Free Back-to-School Transitions

Ah, the sweet days of summer. No homework, relaxed schedules, and endless screen time. But what happens when the school year is...

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The Number One Vitamin Deficiency in American Children. Dietitian’s Advice

When parents ask me, a certified dietitian, what nutrients their children might be lacking, my answer often surprises them. One of the most...

Early ChildhoodFamilySchool-Age Children

A Parent’s Guide to Nurturing Empathy and Creativity

Parents often wrestle with the misconception that sensitivity in children is a flaw. Phrases like “Don’t cry” or “Toughen up” echo in homes,...

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How to Raising Resilient Kids

We all want our children to be happy. It is a natural instinct. But according to Tovah Klein, an Ivy League child psychologist,...

Early ChildhoodFamilySchool-Age Children

The Parent’s Guide to Nurturing Exceptional Kids

Every parent’s dream is to raise a child who is happy, well-adjusted, and successful. But often, they hit roadblocks because they fail to...


When Waters Break Early. Understanding Amniotic Fluid Leaks

Is your pregnancy journey accompanied by unexpected leaks? While most of them might be harmless, leaks of amniotic fluid can be quite concerning....


Your Work Stress Is Affecting Your Kids. Here’s How to Fix It

For many parents who juggle work commitments with raising a family, the line between work life and home life often blurs. It’s not...

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The Costs of At-Home Pregnancy Tests

Understanding the Importance of Home Pregnancy Tests In the age of self-diagnosis and readily available healthcare products, home pregnancy tests have become indispensable...

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When Should Your Child Dive into Social Media?

You’ve probably heard conflicting advice about when it’s appropriate for your child to join social media platforms. With new warnings from health experts,...